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I know I’m not alone in being exasperated some days looking at my social media news feed. It’s midterm elections and at the time of me writing this blog post, it’s about 24 hours from when the polls will open up on November 6th. Here in the United States this has been bringing out passionate opinions to say the least. I’m relatively okay with passionate opinions. We’re going to disagree on things. That’s life. What breaks my heart - and from talking to friends and seeing what you all post on social media yourselves, what breaks yours too - is the hateful acts that have been escalating these days.

First it seemed annually, then monthly, now I swear it’s daily - probably more often than that, we’re just not hearing about every story. I thought it would be great if the next contribution from 2*Wishes would be towards fighting hate and discrimination. During my research for a charity to support I stumbled upon Erase the Hate, a social movement with selected Change Makers plus six different “accelerators” that are taking really different proactive approaches to combating hate.

I will be honest with you all and tell you that I was self-interested in this selection because I think that one thing we are desperately lacking is the ability to LISTEN to one another. Social media has gives us an incredible opportunity to listen to each other but also to a terrible chance to drive down a reckless one-way street of opinion. I would love to see the something like The Better Arguments Project become a more popular way of dealing with expressing opinions. Maybe it’s not such a foreign concept? I saw this new social media platform recently that seemed to support the idea of having civil debates. Imagine that.

Thank you again for your support of 2*Wishes and our mission of micro-giving. Just like Erase the Hate, I truly believe that “Big or Small your efforts matter!” I will continue to make “our” shirts and continue on our missions because this isn’t about me, it’s about all of us.

xo, Tami

Watch this space for the next contribution!

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