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When I was growing up, I loved the ritual of making wishes.

Wishes on stars, wishes on coins, wishes when blowing out candles.

There was just something so hopeful about sending your dreams into the universe, spinning on a kiss of optimism.

Later in life, I took this love of wishing and created a tradition with my family. We decided that anywhere we see a place to toss coins, we will always stop and make wishes. We have some regular spots around town but it's always fun to do it when we visit other cities or states too. 

In the past few years we decided to add a little twist. We wanted to send out more positive vibes and prayers into the universe. So we started wishing on two coins each. 

Our family pact is that you use one coin to make a wish for yourself - and you use the other coin to make a wish for someone else.  

We're taking that promise even further here at 2*Wishes. With each shirt purchased, at least one dollar will go to a worthy cause. (Stay tuned to the blog for where those contributions are going.  We'll change it up each month.)

So now you know.  You aren't just buying a shirt. You're doing one good thing for you and one good thing for someone else.  

Thanks a million x2 :) 

xo, Tami